Light & Art – on textiles

“Light & Art” on textiles by Junkers & Müllers

At the FESPA in London Junkers & Müllers presents a number of new textile developments. One key aspect of those are the new materials for digital art and photo reproduction. Axel Schmies, a photographer from Hamburg, is enthusiastic about the idea of adequately presenting his works in this fashion.

Fascinating light effects shine over the Junkers & Müller exhibition stand in London. The oversized reproduction of a metropolis by night pulls the observer deep into the picture. The brilliant colours create a living image of fast-paced movement. This photo is one of the artworks from the series “Light & Art“, where Axel Schmies lets us forget the limits of two-dimensionality.

###Press Release###

In London we shall show various “Light & Art” motives, reproduced on a variety of textiles. These materials provide new perspectives for the artist to realise his creative intensions. Be it reproductions of extreme sizes or the brilliant array of colours in back-lit constructions as well as the extremely detailed reproduction of the most delicate imaging patterns – all reasons which have convinced Axel Schmies of the textiles by Junkers & Müllers.

Fespa London


If you´re interested in licensing Images of the Light & Art Collection you´re right here.

Technical Informations

From the wealth of new developments being presented this year at the FESPA, the following highlights are particularly interesting:
So for example the product specially developed for UV printing, “JM-Mediatex Illuminance”, which particularly allows the colours of the prints to shine in the backlighting and is certified as flame-retardant according to B1 including UV-curing inks.
The new backlit quality “JM-Mediatex HP-Lightbox” also displays a very good light dispersion. This ensures the uniform illumination of brilliant views. This mildly flexible fabric is suitable for both sublimation printing and for UV and HP latex inks.
Whether it is printed with solvent, UV-curing or HP latex inks, the new “JM-Mediatex Allegro” is suitable for both interior and outdoor applications. It can be processed completely free of creases in framing systems thanks to its light stretch effect.
“JM-Mediatex Leonardo” has been specially developed for art reproductions with water-based pigment inks. The brilliant white special coating does not display any white or coating streaks. The quality “JM-Mediatex Botticelli” is particularly recommended for printing with HP latex or solvent inks.
The temperature-resistant coating of the “JM-Mediatex Blackback” guarantees a brilliant degree of whiteness without any yellowing in this dense product, even after thermal treatment with sublimation printing. This also applies to the new “Subli Frame” item. This particularly soft, flexible material is perfect for processing in frames. This means white streaks can be ruled out.
As all products of the house of Junkers & Müllers also these new developments carry the Oeko-Tex-Seal.



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